Acura Shoppers Could Get From From INFINITI Vehicles.

There is no doubt that Acura make very decent vehicles. Indeed, if you are thinking about the purchase of an Acura El Paso vehicle, then you are making a very wise decision. However, could you make an even better decision and choose an INFINITI vehicle instead. You could be wasting quite a bit of money on an El Paos Acura vehicle, when an INFINITI vehicle is just what you are looking for.

An Acura El Paso Vehicle Purchase is a Strong Choice, But an INFINTI Purchase Could Be Better!

Just in case you were not sure, Acura is the luxury vehicle division of Honda, just like INFINITI is the luxury vehicle arm of Nissan, and Lexus is the luxury vehicle arm of Toyota. Indeed, it was the success of Honda’s first Acura model – the Legend – that inspired Nissan to launch INFINITI, and Toyota to launch the Lexus brand in the late 1980s, but things have moved on considerably in the automotive world since.

To demonstrate that an Acura El Paso purchase may have a better option in purchasing the equivalent vehicle from Nissan’s Infiniti Range, we are going to directly compare the equivalent models from each.

Overall, if you are on the lookout for a thrilling performance when you get behind the wheel coupled with the type of interior you associate with luxury vehicles, then the INFINITI line wins without too much effort. For a start, the INFINITI standard model features a V6 engine in many models including the very popular QX60 crossover. This simply gives an INFINITI more power than the equivalent Acura, which is likely to have a standard four-cylinder engine.

In terms of direct comparisons, the INFINITI QX60 scores over the comparable Acura model, the MDX, by offering more legroom across all three banks of seating. In addition, the QX60 is fitted with standard driver assist technologies such as Blind Spot Intervention. You will have to pay more to have such technologies added to the MDX.

It is Clear – INFINITI Models Are Superior to Acura El Paso Models in a Multitude of Ways

As for another direct comparison, if you compare the INFINITI Q50 to the Acura TLX you also find that the INFINITI offers more in terms of power, luxury and advanced technology such as a 360-degree camera view and predictive forward collision warnings.

You also, as standard, receive a longer manufacturer’s warranty period with an INFINITI than an Acura El Paso purchase. Both warranties run for 48 months, but the basic warranty with an Acura runs out after 50,000 miles, compared to 60,000 for an INFINITI model. The certified pre-owned warranty with an INFINITI comes with zero mileage limit, whereas the same warranty for an Acura runs out after 100,000 miles.

If you are thinking about an El Paso Acura purchase, it will do you well to at least take a look at what INFINITI can offer you. To learn more, contact us at the INFINITI of El Paso showroom at 915-995-2537. You can also contact us online via email here.

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