Acura Las Cruces Shoppers Could Get More From INFINITI Vehicles At Charlie Clark.

If you’ve worked hard throughout your life, you’ll probably want to reward all that hard work when it comes to your automobile. Why settle for a cheap car when you can afford a luxury vehicle, such as an Acura from Honda, or an INFINITI from Nissan? Both of these companies are two of the most respected luxury automobile manufacturers in the industry, but which is better?

Well, obviously we are of course going to tell you that INFINITI vehicles from Nissan are better than those produced by Acura from Honda, but that’s not a claim we can make without clear evidence. We are now going to compare the leading Acura models with the equivalent models from the INFINITI line and see which comes out on top. If you are thinking about buying an Acura Las Cruces vehicle, then please read on and see why an INFINITI car purchase could be the better option for you.

Comparing an Acura Las Cruces Luxury Vehicle with a Similar INFINITI Model

There is a great deal of competition between Honda and Nissan, as you might expect. Both are Japanese companies, but Honda is based in Tokyo and Nissan is based in Yokohama, around 30 miles south of Japan’s capital. Nissan has been around since 1933, whereas Honda (originally solely a motorcycle manufacturer) only came into being in 1946.

The Acura division from Honda was established in 1986 and was originally created purely to retail luxury cars to North American markets. Nissan created their INFINITI brand three years later, again initially designed to market luxury vehicles to customers in Canada and the United States. The rivalry between Honda and Nissan has been good for people all over the world, as these two global giants constantly try and outdo each other in terms of the standards of the vehicles that they release.

Whereas you may consider a Acura Las Cruces purchase as being the go-to purchase when you are after a luxury vehicle, INFINITI habitually outshines its rival when it comes to an increased amount of standard features, plus more power in relation to the cost of purchase. INFINITI can also be said to be better over Acura Las Cruces luxury vehicles when it comes to the standards of the warranties offered.

INFINITI vs. Acura Las Cruces Vehicles – a Comparison of Luxury and Power

Two of the key factors for any luxury vehicle are the levels of luxury provided (especially with the interior) and the performance factors. While nearly all Acura models come with standard four-cylinder engines, with many Nissan INFINTI models including the QX60 crossover, power is provided by a dynamic V6 engine, offering more power than four cylinders.

INFINITI vehicle tend to be more spacious than their Acura counterparts. The QX60 (again) for example has more legroom than the equivalent Acura model, the MDX. Models such as the QX60 and the Q50 offer more standard safety and tech features in all the trim levels than Acura’s MDX and TLX, including predictive forward collision warning and 360-degree view cameras for that extra degree of safety.

Finally, there is the question of the warranties offered. The basic new vehicle warranty for both runs for 48 months but 50,000 miles for Acura and 60,000 miles for INFINITI. When it comes to certified preowned vehicles, both warranties last 24 months, but for Acura it’s limited to 100,000 miles whereas for INFINITI there’s no mileage limitation.

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