The Audi preowned vehicles available at Charlie Clark INFINITI are some of the most reliable and luxurious cars available. Known for their sporty and powerful vehicles, the Audi offers several uniquely exciting cars, from small family sedans all the way up to an extensive lineup of crossover SUVs. Audi shoppers in the Las Cruces area should come to check out preowned vehicles at Charlie Clark INFINITI.

Audi Compact Options

Audi compact models are equipped with all the standard Audi suite of safety features. Most are available as a diesel or standard gasoline engines.

• A1- The Audi A1 is the smallest Audi vehicle and is classified as a supermini. It is sleek and small, excels with city driving, and can fit into any parking space. However, it has limited cargo and passenger space. • A3- While only a slim step above the A1 in size, the A3 is a subcompact family car. Available in five-door hatchback or four-door sedan model • A5- The A5 is an executive-style compact car that adds luxury items and options in addition to multiple trim options.

Fullsize Sedans

The original Audi vehicles have traditionally been family or luxury sedans, meaning they know how to make some of the best on the present market. Current options are spacious, offer fold-down back seats for additional cargo space, and have the standard Audi reliability.

• A6- Full-sized family and executive-style sedan, the A6 has many trim options and four or five-door models. • A8- The Audi A8 is a full-size luxury sedan that boasts expanded options. • E-Tron GT- Full-sized and electric, the e-Tron GT is an EV that boasts the power and luxurious nature of all Audi vehicles.

Audi SUV Options

The newest in the Audi range of vehicles, the Audi line of SUVs are robust in scope and come in several compact and crossover choices.

• Q3- Subcompact SUV, hatchback, the Q3 is the smallest option available. However, the Q3 does not have much wasted space on the interior, allowing for a large cargo capacity. • Q5- Compact, luxurious, and powerful, the Q5 is the higher-end model when compared to the more economical Q3. • Q7- The Q7 is a midsized crossover and the most robust SUV offered in the current generation of Audi vehicles. • Q8- A replacement for the Q7, the Q8 is the current flagship luxury Audi SUV. It and the Q3 are the only RS model SUVs.

S And RS High-Performance Models

The S and RS models are numerous and have a habit of replacing the other standard models as highly powered alternatives. S model Audis are sport models with several options, all the way up to crossover SUV sport models with turbo engines. The RS models are (RennSport — literally translated as "racing sport") the highest-level performance models offered by Audi.

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