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When it comes to finding the ultimate driving machine in the El Paso area, shoppers might be overlooking a serious contender for the title. Falling prey to marketing and hype can easily be a trap that causes some consumers to avoid considering the best vehicles to suit their needs.

There are a couple well-known luxury brands for El Paso drivers to choose from, but they both features very different origin stories and very different options. While the two makers both compete in many of the same categories, the simplicity of one over the other tends to make it the better daily driver for those in El Paso.

So, when it comes to choosing between an El Paso BMW and a comparable Infiniti, which luxury automaker is right for you?

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Professional Reviewers and Daily Drivers Alike Appreciate Infiniti’s Attention to Quality

To get a comprehensive picture of why a luxury vehicle from Infiniti rises above options from BMW El Paso drivers will need to learn what all the Japanese brand offers. Infiniti provides a lot more than just fast cars. Thanks to the automaker’s attention to overall handling and reliability, an Infiniti from Infiniti of El Paso takes the lead over an El Paso BMW offering.

Infiniti offers models that are regularly praised for their handing and driving dynamics. Models from the sporty coupes all the way up to a roomy SUV—such as the QX lineup—deliver on providing spacious cabins with plenty of room for cargo as well.

When it comes to purchasing a BMW El Paso shoppers fail to understand how much they are compromising when it comes to conveniences a comparable Infiniti delivers. A blend of modern comforts with traditional accommodations give Infiniti the advantage over an El Paso BMW.

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Infiniti Reigns Supreme Over BMW for El Paso Shoppers who Prioritize Price and Value

The most obvious way an Infiniti rises above BMW for El Paso shoppers is price. Shoppers looking for the friendliest price when it comes to luxury and performance find Infiniti delivers big time, especially when it comes to an SUV. Consider how the popular and well rated QX50 starts at just $34,000 with the BMW X6 comes in north of $60,000.

Infiniti’s commitment to safety and reliability are two more reasons El Paso BMW drivers should consider the brand. For example, the Infiniti Q50 is a standout when it comes to safety with a perfect rating from the primary reviewers.

Japanese car makers have a longstanding reputation for knowing how to manufacture reliable vehicles. This is the case for Infiniti models as well without skimping on power or the most innovative technology on the market.

Infiniti of El Paso offers potential El Paso BMW drivers the opportunity to see these advantages for themselves. Shoppers throughout the El Paso metro area can call Infiniti of El Paso at 915-223-3854, stop by the showroom, or check out the inventory of new and used Infiniti vehicles online today!

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