Luxury vehicle shopping has never been easier with Charlie Clark INFINITI of El Paso, where we proudly carry several other luxury automobiles from trusted automakers. One of the best, in our humble opinion, is BMW, which is a competitive choice for a used luxury vehicle. Delivering quality, comfort, safety, and more, the BMW brand is second only to our new INFINITI vehicles and makes for a sound investment, especially if purchased used. Want to know more? Check out our brief breakdown of the BMW brand and what you can expect from this excellent automaker, regardless of model and year.

Quality Construction And Safety in Each BMW Vehicle

Every vehicle from BMW has been meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate luxury with build quality and deliver the highest level of safety possible on unpredictable roads. The reputation of BMW vehicles should precede itself, as it is well known in many circles that they are incredibly durable, suffer punishment better than the competition, and are a brand synonymous with quality. Ranking in the upper half of all quality and reliability questionnaires, BMW is nothing if not consistent with their vehicles.

Futuristic Technology In Every Model

BMW is always on the cutting edge of technology, bringing the best of what the car-buying world has to offer, year after year. While various tech features can vary depending upon the model year in which you are purchasing, some of the standout features in newer BMW vehicles include:

• Superior Safety Features: Lane assistance, high beam assistance, advanced cruise control, blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking, and more.

• Multiple Driving Modes In SUV Models

• Wireless Connectivity And Device Charging

Style And Performance Is Synonymous With BMW

BMW vehicles are distinct in that they embrace style choices that feature clean lines, elegant curves, and aerodynamic design. Every BMW model is a head-turning, inside and out, trading out cheaply produced plastic materials for high-quality metal and leather interiors. However, all those looks don't mean much if the vehicle feels like driving a boat. BMW vehicles pair efficiency with performance, letting you feel every turn and sporting a driving experience that can only be captured by far more expensive brands, which often have minimal stock and options.

BMW Has Choices For Every Type Of Driver

While SUVs are the current hot ticket item in many car buying circles, BMW is sure not to neglect their other models, giving you a wide range of potential buying options. Some of the most popular and best-performing BMW vehicles include the following:

• BMW 5 Series: As the benchmark for sedan design, the five series pairs excellent performance alongside fantastic fuel efficiency.

• BMW X1: The X1 stands out in the SUV market for its sleek appearance that hides a surprisingly agile vehicle under its facade of being a bulky five-seater with several trim options available.

• BMW I7: The I7 builds off the 7 series base of a compact luxury sedan but adds several EV options that boast incredible range while trading none of the luxury in the electrical conversion.

• BMW 2 Series: The 2 series is the modern iteration of what classic BMW vehicles were known for, as this sleek coupe delivers some of the best performance and sporty handling in a head-turningly slick package.

Find Your Next Luxury Vehicle Purchase While Considering Charlie Clark INFINITI Of El Paso

Charlie Clark INFINITI is part of one of the largest auto dealer groups in Texas, and our expertise shows through our dedication to every vehicle sale on our lot, including several BMW options. To explore what is available now, check out our online inventory tool, come on in today, or give us a call at 915-221-2735 at your convenience.

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