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Are you in or near Dallas looking for a reputable Infiniti dealership to get into a new or used luxury vehicle? Be sure to consider shopping at Infiniti of El Paso, where you can find high-quality vehicles around every corner and experience a new kind of stress-free car buying experience. Dallas residents are invited to shop with us online and explore everything the five-star Infiniti brand offers.

New Infiniti Vehicles Are Always In Stock At Infiniti Of El Paso

When you shop for a new Infiniti vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that you're getting a reliable car or SUV that exemplifies luxury, comfort, and performance. While all Infiniti models are exemplary, the current lineup includes the following excellent options:

• Value In The Q30: When you consider a Q30, you can save on the price but keep the luxury. This compact sedan shares a form factor with similar Mercedes-model vehicles but offers a far more intuitive and smoother driving experience. The Q30 is a fantastic daily driver that won't break the bank.

• Experience Excellent Performance With The Q60: The Q60 stands out from other luxury coups by bringing a robust twin turbo V6 engine that blows away the competition. This athletic, sleek-looking, high-performance vehicle combines curb appeal with outstanding comfort and reliability.

• Upscale Your Value In A QX50: If the Q30 is too small for you but you want a budget-friendly luxury vehicle, then the QX50 may be the exact car you are looking for. This small but mighty compact SUV delivers the same comfort and features as the larger QX80 but at a fraction of the price of comparable compact options.

• Find The Flagship QX80: For the best that Infiniti has to offer, the QX80 is the most promising choice. Comparable luxury SUVs include the Cadillac Escalade Luxury 4x4, Lexus LX 600 Premium 4x4, and Lincoln Navigator Standard 4x4, but they need help to stand above the QX80. With all the standard safety and tech features you'd expect from a modern luxury SUV, the QX80 delivers a similar option to the competition. However, it excels by being one of the market's least expensive and most versatile options. Whether you buy a new or used QX80, you can expect to pay less while getting more towing capacity, off-road versatility, speed, and space.

Save When You Buy Or Lease A Used Infiniti From Infiniti Of El Paso

A large portion of people will never buy a new car, and we can understand why. Older models, even those that are just a year out of date, can be far less expensive and perform nearly as well as the newest lineup of options. Therefore, we here at Infiniti of El Paso proudly display a wide selection of used car options for purchase or leasing. You can find all your Infiniti favorites from the Q series of vehicles and a select inventory of other high-quality options from various trusted automakers. If you are looking to upgrade your driving experience with a lower monthly payment, then be sure to consider leasing, where you can get a newer and better car for the same monthly payment you would otherwise have for an older and higher-mileage used purchase.

Find What You Are Looking For In A Dallas Infiniti When You Visit Infiniti Of El Paso

Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly used option or the best and newest luxury vehicles, there is no better place to shop than Infiniti of El Paso. You can finance with us and find the best service center in the area when you visit. So check us out in person, online, or call to speak with a representative today.

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