Lexus Las Cruces Shoppers Compare INFINITI Vehicles At Charlie Clark.

Lexus is one of the most well-known names when it comes to luxury vehicles. People who hunt for a Lexus Las Cruces vehicle are doing so safe in the knowledge that should they purchase one, they will be driving around Las Cruces in a quality vehicle.

Having said all that, people who are looking for a Lexus Las Cruces vehicle should consider alternatives, particularly as when buying a Lexus, the buyer is simply paying a few thousand dollars for the Lexus name. If you want to purchase a similar vehicle that will perform as well as a Lexus Las Cruces car, then you should give serious consideration to INFINITI vehicles, from the luxury brand of Nissan.

Comparing Lexus Las Cruces vehicles with those produced by Nissan INFINITI

Just in case you were not sure, Acura is the luxury vehicle division of Honda, just like INFINITI is the luxury vehicle arm of Nissan, and Lexus is the luxury vehicle arm of Toyota. Indeed, it was the success of Honda’s first Acura model – the Legend – that inspired Nissan to launch INFINITI, and Toyota to launch the Lexus brand in the late 1980s, but things have moved on considerably in the automotive world since.

Here we are going to make some direct comparisons between Lexus Las Cruces vehicles and the comparative vehicle from the Nissan INFINITI luxury line. Hopefully, by the end of these comparisons you should have a clear idea of whether you feel the extra outlay for the ‘Lexus’ name is worth it.

If you are in the market for a sport coupe, then the Lexus model you are most likely to go for is the RC350. The equivalent model from INFINITI would be the Q60 – so which is the better vehicle? First of all, as you might expect, the base price of an INFINITI Q60 beats the Lexus RC350 hands down, but that’s not all. In addition, even when it comes to the most basic trims the Q60 will be delivered to you with more standard features ‘out of the box’ than the RC350, and that includes comfort features. The Q60 also comes with a larger engine than the RC350, giving it of course much more power.

Moving onto sedans, the most popular sedan from Lexus would be the LS460, with the similar model from Nissan being the Q70. In terms of luxury, we have to admit that basically, it’s a tie. However, even if you are buying a Lexus Las Cruces vehicle just for the luxury feel, there are other aspects to consider, including power and performance.

Nissan INFINITI Vehicles Offer the Same Levels of Quality but without the Excessive Expense

In the engine department, we find with the Q70 and LS460 comparison the same as what we found with the Q60 and RC350 comparison – it’s INFINITI that has the edge with a larger engine, which of course gives more horsepower and torque, coupled with better acceleration and overall performance. The fuel economy we have to say though is equivalent, but again the real clincher is the price – you could be saving yourself upwards of $10,000 if you decided to buy a Q70 over the LS460 as your Lexus Las Cruces vehicle.

For our final comparison, it’s time to switch to SUVs as we compare the Lexus LX570 with the INFINITI flagship vehicle, the QX80. Both of these vehicles are quality luxury vehicles of the highest standard but again the Infiniti wins the match in several categories, with price of course being number one. In addition, all trims of the QX80 come with a better range of standard features, have larger engines, can offer more horsepower and torque and come with Nissan’s standard warranty which trumps the similar warranty as offered by Lexus. Despite all this, the QX80 beats the LX570 in terms of fuel economy too. If you want more vehicle for your dollars, then the QX80 wins hands down, as do all INFINITI cars when compared to Lexus Las Cruces vehicles.

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