Lincoln Shoppers Consider INFINITI Vehicles For Best Options.

decided to buy an El Paso Lincoln, then you have made a very wise choice … but have you made the wisest choice? Before you make your final decision and buy a new or preowned Lincoln in El Paso, have you taken a look at the Nissan INFINITI line of vehicles? Nissan’s range of premier vehicles is more than a match for any model issued by Lincoln, and we should be able to convince you easily that purchasing a Nissan INFINITI over a Lincoln El Paso vehicle is the correct choice for you.

Do Not Simply Buy a Lincoln Based on Reputation, Check Out Nissan’s INFINITI Line First!

To compare the El Paso Lincoln brand with an equivalent Nissan INFINITI model, we are going to take a look at two flagship vehicles. For Lincoln it’s the Lincoln Nautilus, and for Nissan it’s the QX60. These are two top quality midsize SUVs.

Starting off with the standard FWD model of the Nautilus, the vehicle has a two-liter inline-4 gas-powered engine giving 250 hp @ 5500 rpm, coupled with an 8-speed transmission. It also comes with a fuel tank with a maximum capacity of 18 gallons and can seat a maximum of the driver and four passengers. The Nautilus has a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs.

The equivalent FWD version of the QX60 has a much-more impressive 2.5 liter V6 gas-powered engine giving 295 hp @ 640 rpm, coupled with a 9-speed transmission. In terms of tank and passenger capacity the QX60 is the winner too, boasting room for an extra half gallon of fuel over the El Paso Lincoln Nautilus, and with room for no less than two extra passengers. Not only is the QX60 the winner capacity wise, it is also the more powerful vehicle, capable of towing a maximum of 3,500 lbs.

It Seems The Nissan INFINITI QX60 is the Better Vehicle in a Number of Categories

Both the El Paso Lincoln Nautilus and the Nissan INFINITI QX60 offer a comfortable ride, but the extra passenger capacity of the QX60 is offered at a price, as those in the back row may not feel as comfortable as the driver and the other passengers. This slight downgrade in comfort is only marginal though, and it’s unlikely that every trip in a QX60 will involve the vehicle being at maximum passenger capacity.

In terms of physical dimensions, the QX60 is both narrower and shorter than the Nautilus, making it a much easier vehicle to maneuver in tight situations, such as parking. The QX60 also has a smaller turning circle than the Nautilus, adding to the Nissan’s superiority when it comes to maneuvering.

As you might expect, both vehicles offer a comfortable drive as any vehicle of their class should. The extra power and capacity of the QX60 means a new model will be slightly more expensive than a new El Paso Lincoln Nautilus, but that slight premium is more than worth it.

Not Convinced by a Lincoln El Paso Vehicle? Then Check the Nissan INFINITI Vehicles at Infiniti of El Paso

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