Mercedes Benz Las Cruces shoppers could get more from Charlie Clark INFINITI El Paso

If you are looking for your next premium vehicle, then you may have considered a Mercedes Benz Las Cruces purchase. It is simply a commonsense decision for you to shop around and consider alternatives. It is, after all, only a few miles down the road to El Paso, where you will find the Charlie Clark INFINITI dealership.

But why should you choose a car from Nissan’s luxury brand INFINITI instead of a Mercedes Benz Las Cruces vehicle? We’ll outline why you should consider a Nissan INFINITI automobile before completing your Mercedes Benz Las Cruces purchase.

You get a great deal of variety when it comes to INFINITI as opposed to Mercedes Benz.

Looking through the inventory offered by the Charlie Clark INFINITI dealership, you will be amazed at the diversity of the different models available. The Nissan INFINITI brands consist of several models, and each model is available in several trim levels. No matter the type of premium or luxury vehicle you are searching for with your Mercedes Benz Las Cruces search,

The current list of available Nissan INFINITI models is as follows:

• QX60 – crossover SUV

• QX55 – crossover coupe

• QX80 – full-size SUV

• QX50 – compact crossover SUV

• Q50 – compact executive car

• Q60 – sport coupe

As you can see from this list, whether you are currently in the market for a luxury crossover SUV or a premium sport coupe, Nissan INFINITI, you’ll appreciate the brilliance of all available INFINITI models with trims and options to meet any need or budget.

No matter the Nissan INFINITI vehicle for you, you’ll be blown away by its performance.

Many people think that Nissan INFINITI is a new brand, but nothing could be further from the truth as you can easily substitute ‘modern’ for ‘new’ in that statement. Nissan INFINITI’s vehicles have been around for over thirty years and have been refined and redesigned to remain at the forefront of the luxury car niche in the United States.

So, what can you expect if you put your Mercedes Benz Las Cruces search to one side for a moment and look at the Nissan INFINITI brand instead? You can expect impressive stand-out looks with distinctive features, elegant styling, perfect curves, and machine-finished low-profile tiles.

Just slip into the driver’s seat or any passenger seat of any Nissan INFINITI vehicle, and you’ll be blown away by the sensations of luxury you experience. All INFINITI vehicles have luxurious leather seating throughout, immaculate stitched by hand with INFINITI’s signature quilted diamond finish.

Nissan INFINITI vehicles are also practical, with plenty of storage space available. For example, with the QX60, fold down the second and third-row seats to give yourself over 75 cubic feet of space. Capacity is essential for large families, too – INFINITI SUVs comfortably seat seven passengers, each with sufficient space and feeling the height of comfort, no matter the length of the journey. There’s no ‘clambering’ to be done to get to that third row either, thanks to INFINITI’s one-touch powered slide-and-tilt seats, which makes getting into that third-row super-easy, unlike other ‘luxury’ SUVs.

So, put your Mercedes Benz Las Cruces search to one side for a moment and take a look at the inventory offered by the Charlie Clark INFINITI dealership in El Paso. Why not get better acquainted with a Nissan INFINITI vehicle today? Contact the Charlie Clark INFINITI dealership at (915) 233 1576 or contact us online here.

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