Porsche Shoppers Compare With INFINITI Vehicles.

Everyone would love to drive a Porsche, that cannot be denied. The German automobile manufacturer of high performance and high-class cars has a reputation that cannot be ignored. Buying a Porsche means you are buying a premium vehicle, but your purchase comes with a premium too and you are paying an excessive amount of money simply for that Porsche name.

If you are looking for a Porsche El Paso then you may want to consider an INFINTI vehicle instead. You may not get that ‘Porsche’ name on your vehicle, but you will not be suffering from a completely empty bank account either, or years of finance payments that you can barely afford.

Why Spend $$$s on a Porsche El Paso When You Get a Better Deal With an INFINITI?

So, what is so great about INFINITI vehicles you may be asking, and why should you put your dream of owning a Porsche to one side in favor of taking the more sensible option of owning the equivalent INFINITI model? The first reason is, quite obviously and as we have already hinted, cost. One of the most important aspects of any Porsche El Paso purchase is owning a vehicle that has that ‘Porsche’ logo splattered all over it. This allows Porsche dealers in the US to charge quite the premium for a Porsche El Paso purchase, and they do.

Take for example the Porsche Cayenne and the equivalent INFINITI model, the QX80. For the latest top-of-the-line version of the Cayenne in terms of trim and quality, you could be paying $40,000 extra than the equivalent INFINITI model, and that is basically $40,000 for the privilege of owning a Porsche. Could you not find a better use for that premium?

The INFINTI QX80 outscores the Porsche Cayenne in plenty of other considerations too. For a start, the QX80 is the more versatile and practical vehicle, whereas the Cayenne is usually bought with its ‘head turning’ ability being the prime consideration. The QX80 has eight seats and can comfortably seat eight passengers, whereas the Cayenne can only squeeze in five. The INFINITI QX80 also has over a third more cargo space than a Cayenne from Porsche El Paso, with the Cayenne maxing out at 60.3 cubic feet which is dwarfed by the QX80’s impressive 95.1 cubic feet.

Obtain a Top Notch Vehicle But Skip the Premium Price With an INFINITI Automobile

While it is true that the top trims of the Cayenne are more powerful that the QX80, it is only at the upper end of the spectrum (and therefore at the most expensive end) that the Cayenne maxes out at 541 hp, with the cheaper trims only offering 335 hp which is less that the standard power output of the QX80, at 400 hp.

If you are looking for a Porsche in El Paso, then you should seriously give consideration to the purchase of the equivalent INFINITI model instead. You have nothing to lose, and you have a considerable amount to gain! Talk to us at the INFINITI showroom in El Paso today. Reach out to us at 915-995-2537, or online through our contact form.

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