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Used Mercedes-Benz GLE Shoppers Can Expand Their Search With Charlie Clark.

The Mercedes Benz GLE Class was re-released in 2015 and is the spiritual successor of the M Class. It is one of the highest-selling Mercedes vehicles on the market and the best seller for Mercedes Benz SUVs. But why? What makes the GLE Class so popular, and what does it do to stand out from the massive SUV market? Read on below to find out all about the GLE and why you may consider purchasing a used model from your friends at Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso.

Variable Engine Choices, Even In The Same Model Year

The Mercedes Benz GLE Class comes in many forms, all set within the same sleek and fashionable chassis. Whether you are searching for a sporty electrified plug-in hybrid model with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine or a potent and expressive twin-turbo V-8, even its standard models are enough to impress most drivers, with the more expansive premium editions delivering an experience that you can't find outside of the Benz GLE. Furthermore, the GLE Class performs adequately on and off the road, with an optional offroad package.

Regarding fuel efficiency, the GLE has a wide gap between its models. While the V8 trim sports a relatively modest 16 mpg city, 21 mpg highway, and 18 mpg combined, the plug-in hybrid model has a range of upwards of 40 miles on a single charge with an EPA estimated 23-25 MPG depending upon the drive train and model year.

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A Family Focused Luxury SUV

When you go for a mid-sized SUV, you are likely looking for something that focuses on versatility rather than hyper-specific functionality. The GLE won't be the most potent or efficient vehicle out there, but what it lacks in specifics makes up in general quality. Inside, you can expect a well-appointed and comfortable interior with ample room and seating for up to five. The captain's chairs at the front are multi-faceted, powered, and have optional heating elements. Back-seat passengers won't struggle for legroom or head space. Its incredible sound insulation keeps the drive quiet and comfortable. Alongside all that human space is some excellent cargo space with 33.3 ft³ in the trunk space and 74.9 ft³ of space with the back seats laid flat.

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Potential Drawbacks Of The GLE Class Of Vehicle

The price of the GLE fluctuates depending on model year and condition; however, it will always be on the higher side of things. While this can be seen as a potential benefit, as it keeps its value over time, the initial cost of entry is quite a bit higher than the average SUV. You are paying for a premium with the GLE Class, and the standard features that come with even used models are far superior to the competition; it may not be enough for some owners. Furthermore, the fuel economy is subpar due to the larger engine, and with the rising cost of gas worldwide, even the plug-in hybrid model struggles to have staying power into the next decade. Finally, potential service costs are high for the GLE and most Mercedes Benz vehicles in general. While it is reliable and unlikely to leave you stranded on the side of the road, the GLE Class will likely cost you 30-50% more in maintenance costs than your standard mid-sized SUV.

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