Infiniti Warranty Forever

INFINITI of El Paso, part of the Charlie Clark family of dealerships is proud to offer Warranty Forever and Oil Changes For Life on every qualified new and pre-owned used vehicle we sell. This includes luxury vehicles like the great INFINITI brand and non-luxury cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that Charlie Clark sells. With Warranty Forever, you can have the confident it will be a hassle-free vehicle ownership for years to come. On top, Oil Changes For Life is included. Just know that one extra expense of changing oil is no longer a worry.

Key Warranty Forever Benefits:

  • No Cost To You
  • As Long As You Own The Vehicle
  • Covers Drive Assemblies including Engine and Transmission
  • Covers Parts & Labor

Like with most car warranty, the requirement is that you maintain the vehicle as recommended. Performing routine maintenance on your vehicle is a must with any vehicle you own to ensure proper operations and value protection. This is customary to vehicle ownership. .

INFINITI of El Paso recommends that you service with us. However if by chance we are not near you, service maybe performed outside of INFINITI of El Paso. Simply follow the notification steps.

Get that peace of mind when buying anything, especially your second biggest investment, your vehicle. INFINITI of El Paso wants you to have that peace of mind of a hassle free ownership. Buy with confident, buy with Warranty Forever. Contact INFINITI of El Paso or see our sales professional for complete details

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