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Jaguar has long been established as one of the premier manufacturers of luxury automobiles all over the world. The company introduced its first vehicle in the United Kingdom as long ago as 1935. The first Jaguar car to be made for the US market was the Mark X, first made in 1961. Jaguar was purchased by the Ford Motor Company in 1989 although Ford sold the company in 2008.

If you are thinking about the purchase of a luxury Jaguar El Paso vehicle then you should also consider less expensive alternatives, such as vehicles in Infiniti range. Such vehicles offer several benefits other than being much less expensive – as you will be paying an unnecessary premium just for the ‘Jaguar’ name.

As an example, we are going to compare one of Jaguar’s most popular luxury models – the Jaguar I-PACE SUV – with the equivalent Infiniti model, the Infiniti QX80.

El Paso jaguar

The Jaguar I-PACE SUV vs the Infiniti QX80 – Which is the Better Buy?

If you are in the market for a new Jaguar El Paso, then you can expect to be spending at least $70,000. You should be able to find a Infiniti QX80 at a cheaper price, although the price gap is not as huge as with most other equivalent Jaguar vs. Infiniti comparisons.

If you are in the market for a luxury SUV then you are going to regard space and comfort as two important factors that will govern your choice of vehicle. There is no doubt that the QX80 is roomier than the I-PACE, particularly behind the driver and passenger seat. Up front though, the dimensions are about the same.

When it comes to fuel economy, this is one significant area where the QX80 definitely outpaces its Jaguar rival. The QX80 is gas-powered but has a large fuel tank meaning infrequent trips to the gas station. The I-PACE has an electric engine which means you will have to charge it overnight at home (if you can arrange the installation of a charging point) or take it frequently to fast-charge stations. Even a 100kW charger at a fast-charge station will take a staggering 40 minutes to take your Jaguar El Paso battery from flat to 80 percent, giving you a range of around 275 miles.

Compare that to the 26 gallon tank of the QX80 which takes only two minutes to fill completely, giving you a range of 350 miles in the city and 500 on the highway. Naturally, the I-PACE has almost zero carbon emissions, but Infiniti has worked hard to reduce the carbon emissions from their Infiniti vehicles plus, if you are environmentally-conscious, there are many other ways you can offset the carbon footprint of your vehicle.

El Paso jaguar

The Nissan Infiniti QX80 Outshines the Jaguar El Paso I-PACE via Several Factors

An SUV is of course an all-purpose vehicle designed for multiple types of use, from a quick trip to the grocery store to a long journey out of town fully loaded. The increased capacity of the QX80 wins the ‘versatility’ race without too much effort. For a start, the QX80 has a maximum passenger capacity of 8 compared to the I-PACE’s 5. In terms of versatility, the QX80 is the definite winner.

If you are considering the purchase of a Jaguar El Paso why not consider an Infiniti instead? In this regard, the people you need to be speaking to are at the Charlie Clark Nissan showroom in El Paso. Why not take a look at our inventory, and then arrange a test drive of any Infiniti model we have available that you like the look of? Call us at (915) 228-2412 or contact us online.

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