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Land Rover has long been regarded as one of the premier manufacturers of highly capable, versatile vehicles. Land rovers are powerful, sturdy automobiles with AWD and superb off-road capabilities. Land Rovers have been in production since the 1950s, and many models under the Land Rover banner remain currently available for buyers.

Because of the ‘prestige’ of Land Rover vehicles, they always come with a hefty premium in terms of price tag. When you are looking to buy a Land Rover El Paso, you could save yourself a substantial amount of money by considering an alternative make and model. The differences between a Land Rover and the equivalent model made by a different manufacturer are usually negligible, and indeed in many ways the equivalent model is superior.

Here, as an example, we are going to compare the Land Rover El Paso Range Rover with the Nissan Infiniti QX80.

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The Main Issue with the Land Rover El Paso Range Rover – The Price!

As already mentioned, when you buy a Land Rover El Paso you are paying a premium just for the name. A brand new Range Rover in El Paso will cost you between $90,000 and $200,000. Even the most feature-laden trim of a new Infiniti QX80 will not cost nearly as much as the most basic trim of a Range Rover. If you are in the market for a Range Rover, you need to ask yourself – is the extra expense for the ‘Land Rover’ name really worth it?

In terms of fuel economy, it certainly is not. The average MPG of the most basic trims of both the Range Rover and the Infiniti QX80 are practically identical – 13mpg in the city and 19mpg on the highway. You can get better fuel economy with more advanced trims of the Range Rover but again, this comes with an expensive premium.

Both vehicles in this comparison have plenty of room but in a direct comparison between the equivalent trims of the Range Rover and the Infiniti QX80 it’s the QX80 that wins. The Infiniti model definitely has more head and legroom than the Land Rover El Paso Range Rover, and both the driver and passenger will find the QX80’s seating more comfortable.

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The Capacity and Towing Power of a Range Rover is Poor When Compared to the QX80

For a vehicle that is famed for its versatility, the cargo and carrying capacity of the Range Rover is surprisingly poor, especially when compared to the QX80. The base trim seating capacity of the Range Rover is only four people, and even with the more expensive trims this only rises to five. All trims of the Infiniti QX80 are capable of carrying eight people.

The cargo capacity of the Range Rover stands at 36.8 cubic feet, and the vehicle has a towing capacity of over 7700 lbs. If you carry a lot of cargo, then the LUXE trim of the QX80 can offer you an outstanding capacity of 60.5 cubic feet, and all trims of the QX80 have a towing capacity of 8,500lbs. These are two areas in which the Nissan Infiniti QX80 easily wins over the Land Rover El Paso Range Rover.

If you’re thinking of buying a Land Rover Range Rover, then why not consider an Infiniti QX80 instead? You have absolutely nothing to lose, and indeed you have plenty to gain, including purchasing an equivalent or even better vehicle for a much less expensive price.

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