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Drivers throughout the El Paso area will make a big mistake when deciding which vehicle provides the most luxury at the best price. Rather than looking at all the benefits of a new vehicle, El Paso shoppers may go for a brand name alone.

This is understandable if image is the only priority, but well-informed consumers will make a much better choice when they learn of the advantages one car maker provides over the others. Rather than going with an El Paso Mercedes-Benz, smart shoppers will not regret choosing an Infiniti from Infiniti of El Paso instead.

Whatever model or type of vehicle you are searching for in the El Paso area, taking a look at an Infiniti will prove to be the better option thanks to the sporty Japanese brand’s commitment to reliability and performance. So why choose an Infiniti over a Mercedes-Benz El Paso drivers may have their eye on currently?

el paso mercedes benz

A Unique Blend of Performance, Fun, and Reliability for El Paso Mercedes-Benz Drivers

Late model Infiniti models feature bold and dynamic styling turning heads across the metro area. The exterior design of the current Infiniti lineup points to big power under the hood that accompanies the aggressive shape and provides El Paso drivers with a luxurious experience that rivals any other car maker today.

Infiniti has become synonymous with comfort, style, and performance. Thanks to the maker’s ability to blend these three priorities of many El Paso Mercedes-Benz drivers, Infiniti provides an even more reliable option no matter what shoppers put at the top of their list.

The Infiniti Performance Line, which includes models like the G37—now branded as the Q60—feature finely tuned engine performance, sporty suspension, and a stiffer drivetrain, all of which translate into a fun driving luxury vehicle for El Paso drivers. Infinity has managed to focus on creating a sporty line of vehicles by forgoing a lot of the bulk found in a comparable El Paso Mercedes-Benz model.

Infiniti Stands Above Other Luxury Brands in Innovation

Infiniti has stepped up their game to compete mightily with other luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and others. One lineup from Mercedes Benz El Paso residents find popular is the GLE series.

The Infiniti QX line, however, is a new array of attention-grabbing SUV offering El Paso drivers the classic Infiniti combination of speed, agility, and innovation. One example of innovation in the QX60 is unique sliding-tilting seats giving the third row effortless access even with child seats installed.

El Paso Mercedes-Benz drivers who want to have fun as much as they want to be comfortable while in their luxury vehicle will find exactly what they’re looking for in an El Paso Infiniti model.

Paso features incredible prices on lots of models. Call Infiniti of El Paso at 915-223-3854, swing by the showroom, or browse the inventory online today!

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