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If you own an SUV, you might currently be thinking that it’s time for an upgrade. If you are looking for a top of the line, luxury SUV in Texas or New Mexico then one vehicle you should certainly consider is the Infiniti QX50. Just in case you weren’t aware, Infiniti is the brand name for luxury vehicles that are manufactured by Nissan.

The QX50 is Infiniti’s compact luxury crossover 5-door SUV, introduced by Nissan via their Infiniti sub-brand in 2013. A new or used QX50 in New Mexico or Texas is one of the best-looking SUVs currently on the market, and with an engine that’s truly unique.

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The luxury SUV segment is one that has many ‘tried and tested’ vehicles, such as the BMW X3, the Mercedes Benz GLC-class and the Audi Q5. The Infiniti QX50 has the looks and brawn to outclass all of its rivals. This is a genuine, quality compact luxury crossover with a stylish interior that still gives you all the space that you need. Vehicles of this ilk tend to be gas-guzzlers, though, which is why the engineering teams behind the QX50 have worked hard to create an engine that maxes out power while keeping fuel consumption low.

The latest editions of a Texas or New Mexico QX50 comes available in five trims. The trims are, in increasing terms of features and of course price, are as follows:

• Pure • Luxe • Essential • Sensory • Autograph

The base Pure model still comes with many contemporary features, including laminated front side glass, rear seat side-mounted airbags and a Wi-Fi hotspot. Move up to the Luxe model and a wide range of driver-assist features are added including blind spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist. This is all provided, along with intelligent cruise control features, by Nissan’s ProPILOT Assist technology.

If matching price with performance and appearance is the main reason why you are considering the purchase of a new or used Infiniti QX50 in New Mexico or Texas, then the Essential trim is perhaps the one you ought seriously to consider. This comes with an essential number of bonus features including heated front seats, parking sensors and automatic windshield wipers. Further upgrades include a heated steering wheel, leather upholstery and a power-adjustable steering column.

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A New or Used Infiniti QX50 in New Mexico or Texas Will Give You all the Power You Need

Let’s talk now about the QX50’s unique engine. All versions of the QX50 have a power feature called ‘VC-Turbo’ which is a variable compression system that maximizes the power available via minimal fuel consumption. The engine pairs continuously with a variable automatic transmission that provides 268 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. This may not provide the responsive ‘oomph’ when you push the pedal to the floor, but that’s not the point. If you want serious speed you may need to look elsewhere, but the price you will pay will be more frequent stops at gas stations to refill your tank. The FWD version of the QX50 is rated at 23 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. The RWD version drops both ratings by 1 mpg.

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