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When You Want Something More Than Just A Sportiness-Luxury SUV.

The QX55 is the latest addition to Infiniti’s (Nissan’s luxury car brand) line up, due to be released in 2021. Some people have claimed that the QX55 is nothing more than a QX50 with a slightly different look, but that’s ignoring all the additional benefits that owning a preowned or new QX55 in New Mexico or Texas will bring.

For a start, the AWD that is optional with the QX50 is standard with the QX55, and the new Infiniti model will have a more aggressive looking front fascia and 20-inch wheels. This is a coupe-like SUV that perfectly marries an extremely appealing appearance with the feeling of raw power thanks to the VC-Turbo V6 engine.

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Infiniti seems to have designed the QX55 with a mind to rival similar looking automobiles from other manufacturers – notably the Mercedes-Benz GLC coupe and the BMW X4. As with most of Infiniti’s Q series of luxury cars, the QX55 will be available in three trims. Top of the line will be the Sensory trim, middle of the range is the Essential trim, and the entry level is the Luxe trim. Expect to pay just $2,000 more to upgrade from Luxe to Essential, but there’s around a further $6,000 jump to get to Sensory – when it comes to a new QX55 in New Mexico or Texas at least.

One of the best features of the QX experience is that unique VC-Turbo powertrain. When you add in the continuously variable automatic transmission, you can expect to be cruising at a high speed from a standing start in under seven seconds. This is achieved via the QX55’s powerful engine which gives you 268 HP.

There are not as yet any official EPA estimates for how greedy the QX55 will be when it comes to fuel efficiency, but expect it to match its cousin, the QX50, in that department. You will find an average fuel consumption of 22 mpg (city) and 28 mpg (highway). This is well within the expected ranges of a luxury car of this class.

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The Interior of a New or Preowned Infiniti QX55 in New Mexico or Texas is Where it Really Shines

While the interior of the QX55 will make the owners of a QX50 feel ‘right at home’, there are some significant differences. The designers of the QX55 cabin have gone for a more simplistic appearance as opposed to the tech-heavy look of the QX50.

The Luxe model comes with faux-leather upholstery although if you prefer the look and feel of real leather, then that will be available as an option. The interior trim is black-colored, open-pore wood, while the cabin is not quite as spacious as the QX50. There will still though be sufficient room for most people’s needs.

In terms of tech features the QX55 comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. The addition of a Bose stereo system is one further optional upgrade.

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