INFINITI Q60 vs. Lexus RC

Have you been looking for a luxury coupe that doesn't break the bank? The Infiniti Q60 and Lexus RC are a red herring, looking and performing at the same level as their contemporaries but without the accompanying price tag. However, which brings better value for money? Let's pit these two against one another to determine what you can expect from Infiniti Q60 or Lexus RC ownership.

Infiniti Q60 Breakdown

With a run of 2017–2022, the Q60 replaced the Infiniti G model series; the Q60 was Infiniti's premier coupe, and its discontinuation leaves only the Q50 to fill its shoes. Yet, with strong sales and high reviews, what did the Q60 get right? First, the Q60 was a great deal better looking than all of the competition during the model years it was produced. With a sleek form, eye-catching curves, and a distinctive silhouette, the Q60 saw little in the way of changes during its 5-year run as it got it right with the first model. Inside, the Q60 features Infiniti's modernized interior that tries its best to maintain a classic feel. Newer models have the distinctive Infitinti hallmark of two infotainment screens, leather seating treatment, autonomous emergency braking systems, and the standard fare of Apple Car Play and Android Auto that you would have come to expect from modern luxury vehicles. Performance in the Q60 is nothing to scoff at, as it delivers on all fronts without compromising. While the Q60 feels a bit weight with its large turning radius, it could be more responsive to a light feather touch when fully engaged, and the Q60 really shines. Every model of the Q60 has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine standard, with premium models boasting a twin V6 that delivers incredible acceleration and speed. However, this high performance comes at a cost, slightly lowering the efficiency of the Q60, meaning will need to fill up more than the Lexus RC. The Q60 is a luxury vehicle with traditional car pricing with minimal variation seen across the standard models, as it has numerous premium trims to provide a breadth of choices when deciding which is right for you.

Lexus RC Breakdown

The Lexus RC is a bit older than the Q60, as it started production in 2015 and has new models announced going into the future. Like its competition, the RC is a high-class coupe with all the bells and whistles that do not fail to turn heads as it drives down the road with its distinctive, albeit derivative, style. The Lexus RC performs well on the road as its standard models have improved performance and mileage over the Infiniti Q60. However, even with the highest-end trim, the Lexus RC cannot compete with the various iterations of the Q60. Newer models have a 2.0L Turbo in-Line 4 Cylinder, with a 3.5L V6 on AWD and premium models, making it perfectly competent and a joy to drive. The interior is serviceable but is starting to feel dated and in need of an upgrade into the modern era, and there is little good to say about the RC that the Q60 doesn't do the same or better.

INFINITI Q60 vs. Lexus RC – What’s The Verdict?

While both vehicles perform similarly at a base level and have many of the same interior features, the deciding factors are versatility and price. There is where the Q60 takes the victory. With several trim and engine options, along with a standard model that retails for around $2000 less than the same model year of the RC, the Q60 can't be beaten.

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