The All-New 2025 INFINITI QX80 Flagship SUV Taken to new levels of Luxury and Designs

At Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso, we strive to bring our customers the best vehicles at the best prices. For decades, the Charlie Clark automotive family has served thousands across the great states of Texas and New Mexico with a passion for making the car buying process as easy and fun as it can be. From buying and leasing, selling or trading in, and even top-of-the-line service centers, the Charlie Clark Automotive family has your back every step of the way when getting into a new car, truck, or SUV. Our dedication to nothing short of excellence in customer service, having our customer's individual needs in a car in mind, and our massive inventory of new and used vehicles make the Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso the best choice when looking for a new or used Infiniti. Now, we are proud to announce great deals on the exclusive Infiniti QX80, a flagship SUV that offers unparalleled luxury and performance.


Learn More About Infiniti's Flagship SUV, the QX80

Building upon the success of its flagship SUV, the QX80, Infiniti has redesigned it to be better than ever before. Infiniti replaced the previous V8 engine from past models with an all-new 3.0 liter turbocharged V6, producing 450 horsepower, 50 more than the previous engine. The QX80 will have plenty of room for passengers with third-row seating and a spacious cabin for passengers and luggage. First and second-row seating can have massaging and heated seats combined with an optional air-spring suspension for a truly smooth ride. The QX80 is a luxury SUV at its core. Despite its luxurious styling and appearance, the QX80 is an exceptionally capable SUV that can handle heavy trailers. All variants of the QX80 are rated to safely tow a load of an impressive 8500 pounds. An available cool box center console allows owners to keep their beverages cool on long road trips. For drivers, the Infiniti QX80 has just about every driver-focused feature you could want, including:

  • Pro Pilot Assist Infiniti's hands-free driving
  • Automated emergency braking
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Lane departure warning and lane assist

If you are in the market for a luxury SUV with impressive performance and the latest features, look no further than the Infiniti QX80 at Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso. Stop by our dealership today and test drive a QX80 today!


Get the Best Deal on an Infiniti QX80 at Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso

At Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso, we strive to make the car-buying experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable team, with years of experience in the automotive industry, will work with you throughout the process to guarantee you get the most out of a new vehicle. Our inventory includes the most popular new and used models from Infiniti, including the recently upgraded Infiniti QX80. If you are looking for an exceptional lease on an Infiniti, our leasing department will be there every step of the way, including helping you secure financing. As part of the Charlie Clark automotive family, Charlie Clark Infiniti has excellent relationships with the top lenders that we pass onto our customers, getting you the best financing and rates. Our world-class service department has everything you need to keep your investment in top shape no matter what the road throws your way. It is our pleasure to serve El Paso and the surrounding New Mexico region with the best service and the best deals. Give us a call at (915)-995-2537, stop by our dealership in person at 6501 S. Desert Blvd., El Paso, TX 79932, or check out our extensive inventory online to take the first steps towards getting into the new car of your dreams!

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Chevy Tahoe vs. INFINITI QX80

The INFINITI QX80 and Chevy Tahoe are comparable SUVs with similar specifications built to fit two very different niches. If you are looking for luxury and something that comes equipped with all the bells and whistles, then you may consider the QX80. However, if you want some rugged versatility with a lower price tag while sacrificing several essential features, you may consider purchasing the Chevy Tahoe. But which is better overall and more worth your investment? Read on to find out.

Chevy Tahoe vs. INFINITI QX80 Safety:

With comparable ratings of 4.5-5 stars depending on model year, the INFINITI QX80 and Chevy Tahoe have nearly identical safety scores. Although, the additional safety technology present on newer models of the INFINITI QX80 gives it a slight edge in driver assistance and crash avoidance. Winner: INFINITI QX80

Chevy Tahoe vs. INFINITI QX80 Capabilities:

Depending upon the model year, both the INFINITI QX80 and Chevy Tahoe have similar towing capacities, with both capping out at 8500 lbs on the newest models. However, the INFINITI QX80 beats out the Chevy Tahoe by providing considerably more horsepower in their premium editions, giving you that strength faster and delivering more torque to speed you uphill and off-road. You may think that the more potent engine would drive the INFINITI QX80 to have the worst gas mileage, yet, they both can take you just as far as the other with an average combined MPG of 17 miles per gallon. Winner: INFINITI QX80

Chevy Tahoe vs. INFINITI QX80 Reliability:

Both the Chevy Tahoe and INFINITI QX80 are reliable cars. However, owners tend to rate the Tahoe slightly above the INFINITI QX80 as its more straightforward construction and lack of features make it a little bit more reliable. Winner: Chevy Tahoe

Chevy Tahoe vs. INFINITI QX80 Interior Space:

The Tahoe and QX80 will take up roughly the same amount of space in your garage, although their interiors are far from identical. Pros of the Tahoe include better headroom and slightly more interior storage space. The QX 80, on the other hand, has more seating capacity at the expense of its cargo, along with being a bit shorter, although only incredibly tall individuals will notice any considerable difference in the head space and leg room. Winner: Tie

Chevy Tahoe vs. INFINITI QX80 Special Features:

The most considerable difference between the Tahoe and QX80 is the features that each brings to the table. In short, the INFINITI QX80 brings everything that the Chevy Tahoe can, and then much, much more. As befits its position as a luxury vehicle, the INFINITI QX80 comes armed with the following extra special features and benefits over the Chevy Tahoe:

  • Wireless Charging Support (On Newer Models)
  • Earlier Integration Of Apple Car Play And Android Auto
  • Multiple Charging Ports In The Front And Back
  • Larger And More Robust Infotainment System
  • Expanded Driver Assistance Features
  • Longer Lasting Warranty (4-year, 60,000 Miles Standard And 6 year, 70,000 Miles Powertrain)
  • 360 Surround View Camera System
  • Blind Spot Warning System


Chevy Tahoe vs. INFINITI QX80 Conclusion:

Despite coming in with a higher price tag, the INFINITI QX80 beats the Chevy Tahoe in almost every category. It is reliable, luxurious, and has the capacity to go anywhere you need while performing with smooth operation and easy efficiency every mile traveled.

Get more information about the INFINITI QX80 At Charlie Clark INFINITI

Charlie Clark is your go-to auto dealer for all your INFINITI products. Our team of expert sales representatives is here to provide you with a painless car-buying experience for your next new or used INFINITI QX80. Call, go online, or come in to schedule your test drive today!


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INFINITI QX80 vs. Nissan Armada

Suppose you have been searching for a full-sized SUV with a robust set of features, adventurous spirit, and luxury style. In that case, you may have discovered that the Nissan Armada and INFINITI QX80 are mechanically similar in more ways than they differ. However, that level of similarity can make it hard to choose which one you should consider for your next purchase. Here we will break down both of these titans of the SUV market, get into the history and specs of each, and give you a definitive answer on the better option.

INFINITI QX80 vs. Nissan Armada, What Are The Similarities?

Both vehicles share the full-sized SUV designation and have a long history of reliability and safety. Some of the other similarities between the INFINITI QX80 and the Nissan Armada include the following:

  • Identical Towing Capacity: Most model years, whether you buy preowned or new, can tow the same amount with a maximum of up to 8,500 lbs.
  • Engine Power: New models of INFINITI WQX80 and Nissan Armada have 5.6-liter 32-valve V-8 Engine5.6-liter 32-valve V-8 400 horsepower @ 5,800 RPM
  • Gas Mileage: Due to each model year having a similar size, weight, and engine, both vehicles have mileage that deviates by about one mpg with a maximum of 14/20 (city/highway) on the INFINITI QX80.

Nissan Armada Breakdown, Pros And Cons

The Nissan Armada started production in 2003, with an updated second-generation model entering the market ins 2017. Both generations are full-sized SUVs, with the newer models sporting a slightly larger, more luxurious interior. The Armada is an offroad capable and very competent for its size, offered in rear-wheel or four-wheel drive variants, although the rear-wheel option will struggle when leaving the beaten path.


  • A comfortable interior that seats eight and provides a quiet, pseudo-luxury ride with plenty of room for everyone or all your cargo.
  • Great infotainment options on all models, with premium trims able to compete with more expensive vehicles that focus on extravagance.


  • Power at a price is the central theme of large SUVs, and the low MPG can drain your wallet after driving.
  • Very average safety features that provide the standard fare of driver assistance features.
  • Lower quality than average warranty.

INFINITI QX80 Breakdown, Pros And Cons

The INFINITY QX80 is a luxury-focused SUV that started in 2013 and is the replacement for the older Infiniti QX56, which initially shared a base with the Nissan Armada. When you drive a QX80, you may notice it has a massive interior, an excellent and straightforward infotainment system, and top-of-the-line towing capacity.


  • Luxury Interior: Standard models include genuine leather upholstery and available wood trim, and a beautifully designed, albeit dated, interior.
  • Above-Average Safety Features:
    • Surround-view parking camera system
    • Front and rear parking sensors
    • Rearview mirror with an integrated camera display
    • Blind-spot monitoring
    • Rear cross-traffic alert
    • Lane-departure warning
    • Lane-keep assist
    • Forward collision warning
    • Forward automatic emergency braking
    • Pedestrian detection
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • Automatic high-beam headlights
  • Great warranty that beats out the competition, keeping your vehicle on the road longer without costing you extra.


  • Gas-guzzling V8 is relatively inefficient for the modern era.
  • In need of an aesthetic redesign, as the luxury interior, while nice, seems like it was made ten years ago.

Get Your Next New Or Pre-owned INFINITI QX80 At Charlie Clark

Are you interested in an INFINITI QX80? Charlie Clark INFINITI is your go-to place for new or used INFINITI vehicles in El Paso. Come on in and take a test drive today or check out our vast inventory online.


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INFINITI QX80 vs. Ford Expedition

When comparing the Ford Expedition and the Infiniti QX80 and Ford Expedition, the Infiniti ranks higher in price, performance, and comfort. The Ford Expedition is a competition competitor that comes cheaper, and the sacrifice in quality shows.

INFINITI QX80 vs. Ford Expedition: Engine Performance

Ford Expedition Engine Specifications

  • Engine Size: 3.5 liters
  • Engine Configuration: V
  • Number of Cylinders: 6
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Standard/Optional Drivetrain Type: 4X2 / 4X4
  • EPA Fuel Economy (City/Highway/Combined MPG): 17 / 23 / 19
  • Range (city/hwy): 396 / 536 miles
  • Recommended Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded

INFINITI QX80 Engine Specifications

  • Engine Size: 5.6 liters
  • Engine Configuration: V
  • Number of Cylinders: 8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Standard/Optional Drivetrain Type: RWD / AWD
  • EPA Fuel Economy (City/Highway/Combined MPG): 14 / 20 / 16
  • Range (city/hwy): 364 / 520 miles
  • Recommended Fuel Type: Premium Unleaded

Winner: Tie

Which baseline engine option you prefer will ultimately depend on your needs. While the Infiniti has a lower-than-average fuel economy, its robust V8 engine on new models more than makes up for the loss in efficiency. For an everyday driver with limited offroad capabilities, you may consider the Ford Expedition. However, the power of the QX80 allows for a more adventurous luxury vehicle.

INFINITI QX80 vs. Ford Expedition: Standard Features

Both vehicles have a wide range of standard and optional interior features, with them both sharing the following:

  • Apple CarPlay: Standard
  • Android Auto: Standard
  • Keyless Entry: Standard
  • Keyless Ignition: Standard
  • Navigation System: Standard

However, the Ford Expedition lags on this as several standard features on the QX80 are only offered as paid additions on the Ford Expedition. The QX 80 has native wireless smartphone charging, adaptive cruise control, heated seats, and heated steering wheels in its leather upholstered interior, which is non-standard on the Expedition.

Winner: Infiniti QX80

One of the main selling points of the Infiniti QX80 is its robust suite of standard features compared to the competition.


INFINITI QX80 vs. Ford Expedition: Pricing And Warranty

While the Infiniti QX80 targets the luxury market, the Ford Expedition focuses on bridging the gap between demands, which places it in an odd position. High priced for budget shoppers yet, lacking in numerous luxury features, it doesn't fill a niche and thus suffers for it. While the Infiniti QX80 doesn't shy away from its heftier price tag, it is not locked in limbo and firmly states what it is all about.

When it comes to warranty, the Ford loses some of its value as a long-term investment. The Ford Expedition has a basic warranty of 3 years / 36000 miles and a powertrain of 5 years / 60000 miles. Contrastingly, the QX80 has a basic of 4 years / 60000 miles and a powertrain warranty of 6 years / 70000 miles.

Winner: Tie

The choice between the two will depend on your needs. If you want power and prestige, go with the Infiniti QX80. The Ford Expedition may be what you are looking for in this department for fuel economy and a better budget.


If you want an all-around luxury SUV, you can't go wrong with the Infiniti QX80. Based on its robust suite of features and potent engine, the market confused Ford Expedition couldn't keep up with Infiniti's laser focus.

Come Down To Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso for a Test Drive Today!

Still not sold on the Infiniti QX80? Come on into Charlie Clark Infiniti in El Paso to test drive one for yourself. We have many new and preowned Infiniti models, including the QX80. Call us at 915-221-2735 to schedule a test drive today! We have a team of sales professionals standing by ready to help you purchase your next Infiniti vehicle.


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INFINITI QX80 vs. Lexus LX 570

When comparing luxury SUVs, two big names come to the forefront. Lexus has a long history of extra-styled and premium vehicles, while the Infiniti division of Nissan guns to take over the luxury market. Each is an upmarket model that performs better than the baseline competition. But how do they compare side by side? Check out our detailed analysis of each base model as they compete for the top spot.

Infiniti QX80, Pros And Cons

The Infiniti QX80 is a work of art that comes off the shelf armed with some of the sleekest profiles and stunning exteriors on the market. The Infiniti isn't just pretty outside; the elegant interior and emphasis on driver comfort make the inside of the Lexus LX 570 seem dated. Finally, it comes standard with incredibly potent offroad capabilities. The newest models include the following that make it a beast no matter the terrain:

  • Infiniti's all-mode low and high toggleable 4WD system,
  • standard 5.6-liter, (5,552cc) 32-valve V8 engine
  • 400-hp @ 5,800 rpm
  • Availability in RWD and AWD models.

Both the baseline and the highest-end QX80 are considerably less costly than the Lexus, which can go up to $160,000 for a fully equipped model. However, the Infiniti QX80 does not offer Android Auto or Apple Carplay on older models and lacks some standard and optional features.

Lexus LX 570 Pros And Cons

The Lexus LX 570 is a similar beast to the Infiniti QX80 in its capabilities and experience. While both vehicles score 5 out of 5-star safety ratings, the Lexus has a slight edge in some extra airbags and driver assistance to avoid accidents. What the Lexus lacks in engine power and space, it makes up for in features and pads out its interior with a lot of technology, including the following:

  • Apple Car Play
  • Android Auto
  • Color HUD (Heads-Up Display)
  • Available rear Seat Entertainment System
  • Lexus Safety System +
  • Several Driver Assistance Features (Optional)

Fuel Economy

While the Infiniti sports a higher horsepower engine, it does not struggle for efficiency. Able to reach an EPA-estimated 17 MPG city and 22 MPG on 2023 models, the QX80 can go further than the LX 570s 14 MPG city and 20 MPG Highway.

Winner: Infiniti QX80



The QX80 and LX 570 share a similar warranty structure. The LX 570 has a 4-year, 50000 mi warranty, while the QX 80 offers a slightly more generous 4-year, 60000 mi basic. For the powertrain, they are the same, offering a 6-year, 70000 mi warranty.

Winner: Infiniti QX80


The infotainment tech in both is standard and has several enticing options. The LX 570 and QX80 share availability of the following features:

  • 3 in Infotainment System
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free
  • Optional Rear Entertainment System Monitors
  • In-Car WiFi (Standard, requires subscription)
  • Front and Rear USB Inputs
  • Navigation
  • Apple CarPlay (2023 QX 80)
  • Android Auto (2023 QX 80)
  • Wireless Charging

Winner: Tie


You can't go wrong with either vehicle. Yet, the QX80 wins out in several aspects and provides several of the same features for a lower price, even on the most expensive model. While the Lexus has several fun luxury additions, it has difficulty justifying a much larger price tag for a less comfortable car.

Overall Winner: The go big or go home style of the QX 80 continues to impress amongst stiff competition.

Visit Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso To See For Yourself

Come on in and test drive a new or pre-owned Infiniti QX80 or check out our complete inventory of Infiniti vehicles at Charlie Clark Infiniti of El Paso. Call 915-213-7282 to speak with one of our expert sales representatives today.


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