Acura TLX vs. INFINITI Q50

What do you look for in a luxury sedan while searching in what is an ever-expanding segment of the car market? If you want quality, performance, and comfort, you have discovered two nearly equal rivals in the Acura TLX and INFINITI Q50. Upon first glance, these two behemoths of the luxury sedan segment may seem to bring the same features to the table, but there is a slight deviation from one another in nearly all the gritty details. So, today we here at Charlie Clark will break them down and show you why the INFINITI Q50 slightly edges out the Acura TLX regarding quality and performance.

Specification Comparison of the Acura TLX vs INFINITI Q50

The INFINITI Q50 is a veteran of the luxury sedan industry compared to the relative newcomer in the Acura TLX. The INFINITI Q50 has more experience and shows when breaking down the engine performance and specifications. The newer INFINITI Q50 sports a 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6, while the Acura is still stuck with its original design and reaches a hard cap with its 2.0L Turbo I4 that fails to have the same pickup and go as the Q50. Furthermore, no matter the model year, the INFINITI Q50 has greater horsepower and a comparable or better engine. When you drive an INFINITI Q50, you can feel the power that is lacking in the TLX. The one saving grace of the TLX is its slightly smaller turning radius, which is countered by its larger size and heavier frame. Finally, what about range? The INFINITI Q50 has slightly lower MPG due to its more potent engine, although it compensates for this by having a much larger gas tank and can go farther than the TLX without having to fill up.

Winner: INFINITI Q50

Interior Comparison of the Acura TLX vs INFINITI Q50

When comparing interiors, some things are an obvious win or loss over one another, although the style will ultimately come down to personal preference. Style-wise, the LTX has the edge thanks to its newer models and sleek elegance. The Q50 has a more classic style as it hasn't seen radical restyling since 2014. However, the interior is more than just aesthetics. The INFINITI Q50 is slightly less wide but longer than the LTX. It offers more headroom and legroom while bringing comparable interior features like USB ports, Apple Car Play, Wireless Charging, and a robust infotainment system.

Winner: Tie, Coming Down To Aesthetics

Acura TLX vs. INFINITI Q50 Conclusion

While both vehicles race neck and neck for the lead position in the luxury car market, the INFINITI Q50 comes ahead by a nose, literally and figuratively. The Acura TLX and Q50 are both comfortable, high-performance, and reliable vehicles with a similar price tag for new and used models. Yet, the LTX fails to deliver the power, and its basic design lacks many features that the INFINITI includes standard. But are you still not convinced? The final nail in the coffin for the LTX is its warranty which encapsulates the slight edge that the Q50 has over every Acura vehicle. While it may seem negligible, the LTX offers a Basic four yr./ 50,000 mi warranty and a six yr/ 70,000 mi powertrain warranty. The Q50 has an identical 6 yr/ 70,000 mi powertrain warranty but once again offers the better value per dollar and more miles driven thanks to its four yr./ 60,000 mi basic warranty.

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